Thursday, September 4, 2008

The new rat race

I guess a lot of you saw the movie rat race.
Billionaires betting on people to win a race.
I guess they got bored of real life monopoly...
Anyways we're starting to see a real rat race in the football scene, with billionaires buying clubs.
It started with Abramovich's purchase of Chelsea ( hence the popular nickname "chelski" ). Then the glazer family's purchase of Manchester United.
Now the arab sheikhs are starting to have some fun with the Abu Dhabi group's purchase of Manchester city and Dubai holding's bid for Liverpool F.C. Not to mention the Usamanov threat on Arsenal.
My point is. We might soon come to a day when we will see players staying in clubs for a year only. Looking for the billionaire willing to spend more money on him.
It will become less of a game of who can build the strongest squad, and more of a game of who has the fattest wallet. 
We might sooner or later see the essence of club football dissappear and will have to wait for the rare international tournament. Which by the way is also losing its flavour since so many countries are practically buying other country's players. Namely France and Qatar.
However the past two major tournaments (Fifa world cup and Euro 2008) were won by teams whose entire squad (with the exception of one player on either side) were all natives to their squad's country.
Lets just all cross our fingers and hope that football doesn't lose its flavour and stay a competitive sport without bored rich people interfering.