Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The new rat race

I guess a lot of you saw the movie rat race.
Billionaires betting on people to win a race.
I guess they got bored of real life monopoly...
Anyways we're starting to see a real rat race in the football scene, with billionaires buying clubs.
It started with Abramovich's purchase of Chelsea ( hence the popular nickname "chelski" ). Then the glazer family's purchase of Manchester United.
Now the arab sheikhs are starting to have some fun with the Abu Dhabi group's purchase of Manchester city and Dubai holding's bid for Liverpool F.C. Not to mention the Usamanov threat on Arsenal.
My point is. We might soon come to a day when we will see players staying in clubs for a year only. Looking for the billionaire willing to spend more money on him.
It will become less of a game of who can build the strongest squad, and more of a game of who has the fattest wallet. 
We might sooner or later see the essence of club football dissappear and will have to wait for the rare international tournament. Which by the way is also losing its flavour since so many countries are practically buying other country's players. Namely France and Qatar.
However the past two major tournaments (Fifa world cup and Euro 2008) were won by teams whose entire squad (with the exception of one player on either side) were all natives to their squad's country.
Lets just all cross our fingers and hope that football doesn't lose its flavour and stay a competitive sport without bored rich people interfering.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mika- Life in catoon motion (album review) 10/10

I can honestly call this album my favorite of all time.
I think the word that describes it best is epic.
The album starts out with Mika's hit single Grace Kelly, and the as you listen further into the album you get the feeling your in a way listening to a movie. It may sound strange, but like how a movie makes you feel many different things while watching it, Mika manages to do the same.
This album has it all from Crazy fun songs to sad depressing ones.
Mika's voice is definately a gift from God.
This being his debut album, expect much more as he musically matures.
Comparisons have already been made to Queen's late lead singer Freddie Mercury.
Great Great album
To sum all it up I would call it , epic, moving, compelling, fun, funky, crazy and innovative.
I dont recommend any particular songs because i love them all, but if I were to choose my favorite it would be "Relax, take it easy" but the others come in close behind.

heres a track list
  1. "Grace Kelly" – 3:07
  2. "Lollipop" 3:03
  3. "My Interpretation" – 3:35
  4. "Love Today" – 3:55
  5. "Relax, Take It Easy" – 3:44
  6. "Ring Ring" - 3:35 (the monologue before "Any Other World" is placed here after "Ring Ring")
  7. "Any Other World" – 4:19
  8. "Billy Brown" – 3:14
  9. "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" – 4:08
  10. "Stuck in the Middle" – 4:08
  11. "Erase" (Mika, Jodi Marr, Desmond Child) - 3:38
  12. "Happy Ending" – 4:35 / 10:21 (includes hidden track "Over My Shoulder" – 4:45)
*note: some of the tracks above are not in the standard edition shipped to Oman. The songs listed that are not included in the album are:
"Ring Ring" - 3:35 (the monologue before "Any Other World" is placed here after "Ring Ring")
"Erase" (Mika, Jodi Marr, Desmond Child) - 3:38

Thursday, August 30, 2007

RIP Antonio Puerta :(

its been a long time since ive blogged
but i wanted to make a tribute to the lost soul of Seville player Antonio Puerta :'(

Sevilla's Puerta dies in hospital
Antonio Puerta
Puerta helped Sevilla win the Uefa Cup last season
Spain international Antonio Puerta has died after suffering a heart attack in his club side Sevilla's 4-1 win against Getafe on Saturday.

Defender Puerta, 22, collapsed in the first-half and medics prevented him from swallowing his tongue.

But he collapsed again after going off and was given cardiac resuscitation before being taken to hospital.

He was placed in intensive care and doctors said on Tuesday his condition had deteriorated before his death.

Puerta collapsed after jogging back towards his own goal 35 minutes into the opening league game of the season at the Sanchez Pizjuan on Saturday.

Team-mates and medical staff rushed to his side and were seen preventing him from swallowing his tongue as he lost consciousness.


He was able to walk from the pitch but doctors said that he collapsed again in the changing rooms and had to be given cardiac resuscitation before being taken to the Virgen del Rocio hospital.

Hospital director Gimeno Guerrero said Puerta died of "multiple organ failure, stemming from prolonged cardiac arrest."

Sevilla were due to play AEK Athens in the second leg of a third round Champions League qualifier on Tuesday but the match has been postponed until Monday 3 September.

As a consequence, the league match against Osasuna that was scheduled for next Monday has been postponed.

There will also be a minute's silence in tribute of Puerta before every La Liga match next weekend.

A league statement said: "The Professional Football League wishes to pass on its most sincere condolences to the family of Antonio Puerta.

"It has also declared the next day of league play to be one of official mourning and asked all its affiliated teams to observe a minute's silence before the games."

European football's governing body said: "UEFA and the entire football family extend their sympathy and sincere condolences to the family of Antonio Puerta." "

may god help his girlfriend who is pregnant and rest his soul

Friday, June 29, 2007

Qurm commercial area

After Gonu the qurm commercial area practically drowned.
Now around a month after Gonu only sabco reopened.
None of the fast food chains reopened yet.
What was once the prime area in the muscat region is now one of the quietest areas in the capital area.
Much has changed since Gonu.
If you have any information on the reopening of any of the centers or restaurants please post the information here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My new blog

i did a new blog dedicated to the oman national team during the asian cup
CLICK HERE to visit the blog

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

update on gonu

its bad and its only getting worse
may god be with us